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The Most Effective Way to Make Your Fingers Play Evenly

There must be many ways you have heard of in this world to improve your piano technique. Among the many ways I know of, there is only one which is closely connected to the physiology of playing the piano. It is the best way and most effective way to make your fingers work efficiently.

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Pictures of Hands on the Keyboard

There are 18 hand position pictures. Each picture pinpoints in detail where you should relax when you are practicing the piano. With this knowledge you will go in the right direction and there will be no more frustration. These exercises will make your fingers play evenly and strongly. After all, practicing and playing the piano is supposed to be joyful, happy, and satisfying.

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Which Book Should I Practice First?

Is it hard for you to choose which piano technique book to start with? Right now you must be curious about which book to choose. I will help you to choose easily. There are six piano technique books. For the beginner Piano Games 1 and Piano Games 2, next are the Intermediate I and Intermediate II books, and on the advanced level the Virtuoso and Advanced books.

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