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Which Book Should I Practice First?

By Eulsun Kim 3 months ago 892 Views No comments

Is it hard for you to choose which piano technique book to start with? There are six piano technique books. For the beginner Piano Games 1 and Piano Games 2, on the intermediate level Intermediate I and Intermediate II, and on the advanced level the Virtuoso and Advanced books.

Right now you must be curious about which book to choose. I will simply help you to categorize these books so that you can choose easily. Piano Games 1 and 2 are for young children or adult beginners who are having difficulty reading music (these books are easy to read because they are written in eighth notes.)

If you are at least nine years old and have some experience playing the piano you are ready for Intermediate I. After you learn Intermediate I and are comfortable with it, go on to Intermediate II. You can then combine these two books and practice them together. After that continue with the Virtuoso and Advanced books.

The Circle of Books

There is a circle of four books; Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Virtuoso, and Advanced. All four of these books are simple and easy to read. You can practice all four of them in rotation. You will then be on your way toward developing great technical skill.

When we are doing physical activity our body will get used to it and fall into a habitual routine. Walking is a good example. If you haven't been walking for a while and then you start walking, for the first few days your body will react strongly and you will get tired. One week later you are already used to it and you feel good, but if you do the same activity for one or two months you will not feel as strong as you did that first week. This tells us that walking has become a daily habit and our bodies have adjusted to that level.

Of course walking is much better than not walking but when you repeat the same activity you get used to it and it becomes less effective. At that time you need go to a higher level of activity. Now if you physically active you already understand what I am going to say next.

You should not practice only the Intermediate I book. You have to increase the physical activity of playing the piano with the books that follow. The added dimensions of these books will stimulate your brain more and make your arm and hand muscles stronger. Because they are all similar in their patterns and format they are easy to learn and you will enjoy practicing them.

All of the books begin with patterns of two, three, four, and five notes, then broken thirds, sixths, and octaves. After you learn Intermediate I you will understand the entire format of these books. Intermediate II is built on the chromatic scale so it develops new skills. The Virtuoso book introduces held notes which promote a balanced hand position, develop finger independence and delivering arm weight into the bottom of the key bed.

Finally we have the Advanced book. This book is the best book beyond comparison with any other piano technique book I have ever known or heard about. I strongly believe personally there isn't any other piano technique book which will give you so much confidence and improve your technique. This is because of the two-notes patterns with held and repeated notes alternating from one note to the next.

These are the kind of technical exercises which will make all of your five fingers play evenly and strongly. When you are practicing the advanced book you find out which fingers are weak or slow in depressing and releasing the keys and you will be able to solve these difficulties.

The Tersun Press piano technique books by Terrence Rust are the most effective ones available today. Everyone can benefit whether you are a piano major or not. Practicing these exercises will develop your basic fundamental technique so that when you play the piano you will have complete control of your fingers.