Intermediate II


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  • The exercises are simple and easy to learn

  • The exercises have all possible intervals with all possible fingerings

  • The content moves logically and sequentially from the simple to the more complex

  • Each exercise builds upon skills learned earlier and prepares for what is to follow

  • Technical difficulties are introduced, and solved, gradually, step by step

  • Technical solutions are immediately applicable to the repertoire being studied

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Product Description

Piano Technique: Intermediate Level Finger Exercises, Vol. II, Chromatic begins with exercises in two-note patterns with all possible chromatic intervals from a minor second to the octave and all possible fingerings.  Chapter I continues with exercises in broken thirds, sixths, and octaves.

Chromatic exercises are uniquely suited for training the muscles in obtaining a tactile control of the entire keyboard.  Repetitions of these exercises will train the muscles to play all chromatic intervals with ease, which will be immediately applicable to the repertoire.  

The remaining chapters provide training for passing the thumb under the hand, double-note thirds, sixths, and octaves, and extensions.  There is a complete treatment of scales, arpeggios, chords, broken chords, octaves, broken octaves, major and minor scales in double-thirds and sixths, the chromatic scale, and chromatic scales in double-note thirds and sixths.

Practicing the intermediate, virtuoso, and advanced books together at the same time produces a unique synergism.  There are no other piano technique books as comprehensive and effective.  In combination these books provide a complete program for developing a total piano technique necessary to play the entire repertoire. 

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