Intermediate I

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Piano Technique: Intermediate Level Finger Exercises, Vol. I, begins with exercises in patterns of two, three, four, and five notes, from the interval of a second to the octave, with all possible fingerings, and continues with broken thirds, sixths, and octaves.  Later chapters provide training for passing the thumb under the hand, double-note thirds, sixths, and octaves, extensions, and scales, arpeggios, chords, broken chords, octaves, and broken octaves.

The intermediate book clearly shows the basic design of all of the books, and, as such, provides excellent preparation for its later companion volumes, the virtuoso and advanced books.  All of these books can be used together as part of a coordinated practice regimen.  This is a unique and original approach for developing piano technique.

For more information about piano technique and how to practice the piano technique books by Terrence Rust, please visit Eulsun Kim's blog.

  • Intermediate I
    • The exercises are simple and easy to learn
    • The content moves logically and sequentially from the simple to the more complex
    • Each exercise builds upon skills learned earlier and prepares for what is to follow
    • Technical difficulties are introduced, and solved, gradually, step by step
    • Technical solutions are immediately applicable to the repertoire being studied

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