Piano Games 2

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Piano Games 2 is a continuation of Piano Games 1, and introduces the training of the fingers to play on both white and black keys. This is important because of the difference in the level of the bottom of the key bed between the white and black keys.   Chromatic exercises are a unique first step in training the muscles to obtain a tactile control of the entire keyboard in preparation for solving the technical problems in the repertoire.

The exercises in Chapter 1 are in the same patterns of two, three, four, and five notes, which contain all possible chromatic intervals with all possible fingerings, followed by exercises in broken thirds, . Chapter 2 provides training for the movement of the thumb under the hand and the hand over the thumb. Chapter 3 has exercises in broken sixths and octaves. Chapter 4 consists of broken chord patterns, and Chapter 5 has all of the major scales and arpeggios. Chapter 6 presents more five-finger exercises.

Piano Games 2
has been written for persons of any age who have begun their piano studies.  Practice time for the entire book is thirty minutes in a moderate tempo.

For more information about piano technique and how to practice the piano technique books by Terrence Rust, please visit Eulsun Kim's blog.

  • Piano Games 2
    • The exercises are simple and easy to learn
    • The exercises have all possible intervals with all possible fingerings
    • The content moves logically and sequentially from the simple to the more complex
    • Each exercise builds upon skills learned earlier and prepares for what is to follow
    • The patterns in the book are immediately applicable to the repertoire being studied

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