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Virtuoso Piano Technique introduces exercises with a held, supporting finger, as well as additional rhythmic patterns and fingering combinations.  All of this greatly enhances the effectiveness of the exercises and leads to a higher level of technical proficiency.   

The held, supporting finger keeps hands in a balanced position, strengthens the knuckles and finger joints, allows the arm weight delivered into the keys to be easily supported, and enables a quick muscular attack and release.  The fingering and rhythmic variants create entirely new exercises, further increasing effectiveness of the entire book.

Chapter I consists of exercises in patterns of two, three, four, and five notes, and broken thirds, sixths, and octaves.  Chapter II trains the movement of the thumb used in the playing of scale and arpeggio passages.  In Chapter III the double-note exercises are especially valuable for developing a balanced hand position and creating strength in the knuckle and finger joints.  The extension exercises in Chapter IV provide training for playing chords, broken chords, and arpeggios, along with the ability to move the arm freely for widely spaced intervals.  Chapter V consists of exercises in double-note thirds, sixths, and octaves with a held, supporting finger.

Virtuoso Piano Technique
will make every aspect of playing the piano easier: finger independence, relaxation of the fingers, palm, wrist, and arm, control of tone color and dynamic shading, and muscular strength, endurance, and responsiveness.

Practicing the intermediate, virtuoso, and advanced books together at the same time produces a synergism which is uniquely effective. All of these books can be used together as part of a coordinated practice regimen. The result is a unique and original approach for developing piano technique.

For more information about piano technique and how to practice the piano technique books by Terrence Rust, please visit Eulsun Kim's blog.

  • Virtuoso
    • The exercises are simple and easy to learn
    • The content moves logically and sequentially from the simple to the more complex
    • Each exercise builds upon skills learned earlier and prepares for what is to follow
    • The exercises with held notes accelerate progress
    • The fingering and rhythmic variants create new additional exercises
    • Technical difficulties are introduced, and solved, gradually, step by step
    • Immediately applicable to the repertoire

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